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    Are Copprint copper-on-paper RFID antennas really compostable?

    Our amazing scale-up and production manager, Avraham (Avi) Kenigsberg, tested just this. Avi placed in his home composter two types of RFID antennas: standard etched aluminum RFID antennas, and our copper on paper RFID antennas. Can you guess what happened after 30 days?

    We presented these results in our talk on “Compostable RFID antennas” on August 6. #PrintedElectronics Insights Series: Special Topic – #SmartPackaging. Klaus Hecker, Jan Krausmann from OE-A, Carolina Gioscio from #Evonik, Wolfgang Mildner from #MSWtech together with Copprint talked about the latest developments & applications of Printed Electronics that will drive forward the transformation of the #packaging industry. Oe-A link: https://bit.ly/2ZpBvkK


    Click here to view the presentation:  Copprint-OE_A presentation August 6 2020

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