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Interested in learning how Nano Copper Inks can help you print additive copper flexible electronics?

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    Copprint Nano Copper enables the highest anti-viral surface protection compared to copper and other coatings.

    Copprint is leveraging our unique nano and submicron copper scalable production, to produce an anti-viral additive for multiple products.

    In the global fight against Covid19, copper is proven to be effective in killing viruses. Nano Copper has a high surface area relative to volume and high effectiveness per weight, delivering the most effective protection against viruses and bacteria. Even bacteria spores, which are known to be highly resilient, are destroyed by a small amount of Nano Copper additive 1000X more than standard copper.



    Copprint’s nano and sub-micron copper are dispersed in various solvents or water, enabling fast integration, due to the high dispersibility, into many processes and products. By adding just one percent of Copprint Nano Copper to standard paint, powerful anti-microbial and anti-viral performance is observed.  Copprint’s Nano Copper can be used as an additive for injection molding, paints, textile impregnation processes, 3D printing materials, ink jetting and more.

    Copprint Nano-Copper coatings provide the best price/performance and are easier to apply than any other copper particles.

    Copprint is one of 35 companies selected from 750 applicants by the Israel Innovation Authority, granted special funds to develop solutions that contribute to the global fight against Covid-19.

    In the photo: Our lab door handles painted with Copprint Nano Copper anti-viral coating.




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