We are Copprint, a Nano Copper Ink Company.

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Interested in learning how Nano Copper Inks can help you print additive copper flexible electronics?

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    Copper inks that outperform silver

    Copprint’s nano-Copper inks have better conductivity than silver inks and are dramatically cheaper! €360/Kg when you buy 10Kg and lower prices at high quantities. Just order from our website www.copprint.com See the chart below for screen printing pastes comparison (All product names, logos, and information are proprietary of their respective owners). Let us know if you want to add your ink to the chart – send us its conductivity and price. You were supposed to see all that in Lopec and Printed electronics – please contact us to learn more. hashtagCopprint hashtagconductiveinks hashtagnanocopper hashtagcopper hashtagdupont hashtagHenkel hashtagsunchemical hashtagelantas hashtagagfa hashtagcreativematerials hashtagnagase hashtagLopec hashtagprintedelectronics hashtagidtechex

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