We are Copprint, a Nano Copper Ink Company.

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Interested in learning how Nano Copper Inks can help you print additive copper flexible electronics?

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    We are inventing

    The future of printed electronics is copper

    Printed electronic circuits are all around us.

    Copprint is ushering in a new era of printed electronics, empowering ubiquitous conductivity.

    Our rapid self-sintering Nano Copper Inks enable very-low cost, high conductivity, environmentally friendly printed electronics, embedded everywhere.

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    Nano Copper Inks that outperform silver.

    Anything you can print with conductive silver inks, Copprint can do better, faster.
    At a fraction of the cost.

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    High Conductivity

    Copprint Nano Copper Inks match top silver inks for any printed pattern, with high conductivity of (<3 mΩ/□/mil).

    Price Performance

    From 3-5X cost savings of copper inks compared to silver. Up to 90% material savings compared to etched aluminum and copper.

    Substrate Freedom

    Substrate freedom for printed electronics on paper, PET, PEN, Teslin, PI, FR4, Glass, Aluminum, and more.

    Rapid Self-Sintering

    Oxidation free high conductivity copper printing, in air environment with rapid heating and sintering at 180-300°C and curing for fast throughput and high yield embedded electronics printing.


    Simple Fabrication

    Simple print, dry, sinter fabrication using standard, low cost equipment. No need for photonic sintering or expensive lasers. Robust conductive elements with tested Thermal-Humidity resistance (up to 1000h at 85 °C / 85 RH).

    Green Circuits

    No hazardous materials, can be used everywhere. Copprint nano copper inks printed on a paper substrate are fully compostable, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint for green circuits everywhere.


    Printed electronics, unleashed

    Copprint brings all the advantages of additive manufacturing to printed electronics across all scales and substrates.

    Copprint is enabling additive printing for ubiquitous conductivity for a range of embedded electronic markets: RFID antenas, Heterojunction Photovoltaic (PV) cells, Flexible electronics and PCBs on PET, PI, PC, conductive fabrics, patterns, batteries and many more.

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    Nano copper Dispersions

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    Copprint’s next-Gen. Event
    Copprint’s next-Gen.
    August 29, 2023

    Science, Sustainability, Family, Fun.

    NOVA from Voltera Announcement
    NOVA from Voltera

    NOVA from Voltera is a powerful tool supporting the Copprint inks. See how easy it is to work with low cost, sustainable conductive copper ink for designing and fabricating compostable antennas.      

    Copprint has received both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications! Uncategorized
    Copprint has received both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications!
    May 29, 2023

    These certifications are a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services while also prioritizing environmental sustainability. Our sincere gratitude to Shoham Zemach, our amazing Quality and Safety Manager, who led this activity and made it happen! Her hard work and dedication were essential in achieving this milestone. These certifications are not just a […]